Arm motion and front foot

Hey here’s a video of me throwing but all im curious about is how my arm looks and whether it gets into the power position at the right time or not…
i actually think my arm motion is fine but that my front toe landing the way it does instead of just landing on my foot and going forward (i kind of tippie toe or something) causes my problems with going forward and my arm bending a little too close to my head in the power position sometimes.

first of all, ur friend sounded hilarious, watching this vid was the best part of my day:)

I think you may be rushing very slightly, but this is more than likely because you are throwing on flat ground. Get on a mound, and I think your stride will lengthen, giving your arm enough time to get to the “power position.” I don’t see much wrong here, but let the experts comment…

i know man i couldn’t mute the video because it was too awesome with the random stuff he kept saying…glad that it made your day and thanks for the help

you could get a ton more work out of your lower body if you’re interested. looks like you throw primarily from the waist up.

I agree with Dusty. There’s definitely a lack of tempo, momentum and intensity. Maybe you weren’t throwing at 100% (possibly because you were using a really light ball)?

Yeah no i wasn’t throwing 100% at all in all honesty i was throwing a racquetball into my shed in my back yard because i was just primarily interested in looking at my arm motion…most of my lower body stuff is good off the mound with the exception of me landing too much on my toe so im not worried about that.

Landing on your toe tells me you might have your weight too far forward and that could hinder the energy transfer up the chain resulting in ineffective use of the body and extra stress on the arm. But I’d really need to see you throwing at full intensity to judge.

I absolutely agree because this sometimes does cause my shoulder to get soar and even in all of my bullpen video clips i doe this you can check all the old postings that I have and see this so i know it is something i need to fix. Thank you for your resonse

How many times a week do you throw and at what % of max mph?

how often do you throw a raquetball? How are we soposed to tell if these are your normal mechanics? You might as well be dry throwing allá Ristar

dude don’t compare me to Ristar it’s still a ball and that’s all that mattered…i wanted to see if my ARM MOTION was correct when playing normal catch…if im not throwing properly playing catch then im not going to have the right motion pitching but i got what i needed and im working on it to fix it properly

I appreciate it though

A couple of observations … for what they’re worth!!

It’s an odd dichotomy that you have minimal or slow momentum to the plate but at the same time you are very ‘out in front’ on release. This tells me that you have alot of good stuff to work with. Your natural motion is to release when you are out over your front foot. However you are slow getting there. To me, the most important thing you can work on, and this also considers your previous video, is to increase dramatically your forward momentum. To me that’s by far the most important thing for you. Am I repeating myself? Must be important then!!

Secondly, you may have swerved into a sage point! Throwing is extremely important. One thing that came out of a recent NPA meeting was this quote from Tom House, “Kids these days pitch too much and don’t throw enough.” Throwing, playing catch, is a fabulous way to strengthen your arm. It is also, as you say, a great way to develop a good throwing and pitching motion. But it also, most importantly, helps develop proper timing and sequencing of release. Keep doing that. It’s important too.

Regarding arm motion. Leave it alone. It’s fine. It’s part of your ‘kinematic sequence signature’ as the NPA likes to say. Arm slot is what it is. The important thing is momentum, timing, and sequencing of events that lead to explosive release. One thing at a time, though. In order to evaluate those other things, we need to see you from a mound and at more intensity.

Keep it up, you’ve got alot of good things going for you!!



alright thanks a lot i have been working on my momemtum to the plate and will continue to do so because i agree that is a major flaw of mine.