Arm Issue

My son experience arm pain last year so we saw a doctor and he’s been off since Mid Nov. He’s been off for 4 months and tonight he tried to throw and he felt tingling in the elbow again.

So we shut him down.

What are your thoughts? Would you shut him down for the season?

My thoughts are: Go to the best orthopedist you can find, have him checked out thoroughly, and discuss the findings with the orthopedist.

Do you really think well-meaning advice from the internet is going to help with this?

I agree with flippin. The persistence of the arm problem definitely warrants a visit to a top-notch orthopedic surgeon for a consultation. He would be in the best position to determine what’s going on. By all means, don’t wait—and don’t let the kid do any pitching right now.
Going way back as I do, I remember what happened to Ed Lopat after he won those two World Series games in 1951. After that second victory he suddenly was unable to lift his arm, and he started the 1952 season on the shelf. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him—and then suddenly he remembered an orthopedic surgeon whom he’d known in his White Sox days. Lopat flew out to Chicago, and the doctor examined him and told him that what he had was tendonitis in his left (throwing) shoulder!
The prescription was radical, even bizarre, and nobody does it any more, but what that doctor prescribed was a series of ten X-ray treatments. It worked, as it had done for Johnny Sain and several other pitchers, and when Steady Eddie came off the DL he was pitching better than ever; he ran up a record of 33-8 between then and the end of the 1954 season.
Best of luck in finding out what the problem is and taking care of it. 8)