Arm is just plain DEAD

I have played about 18 games so far this season and have pitched quite a bit. Towards the start of the season, if my arm got sore I could rest it and it would feel better. But now when I rest, my arm still feels horrible. Mostly my shoulder and my bicep tendons. I ice it and IcyHot it and it just doesnt help any more. It feels like my arm is just dead now. How many days do you think it will take to revive?

Depends on what you do on those days. Sounds like your arm is in a deficit and your workload needs to be lightened. Try backing off for a couple weeks and limiting yourself to just some light catch. Then see how it is. 2 weeks might not be enough.

Should I be doing some shoulder exercises with elastic bands, or would that just make my muscles more tired and sore for my next start? How about long toss?

The NPA describes a condition called “dead arm” as a deficit. If you try to work your way back, your arm won’t get the rest it needs are your condition will continue. So, do things where you go through the motion just to keep things in line but don’t work the arm hard. Maybe wait a week before doing light tubing. I’d hold off on the long toss.

“Dead arm” is nothing more nor less than extreme fatigue, most often caused by overwork. The only way to deal with it, according to a couple of major league pitchers I have talked to, is rest—don’t do any throwing for three or four weeks—and then gradually get back into it with some easy games of catch, just throw the ball and don’t try to put anything on it. When the arm is feeling right, then you can ease back into real honest-to-goodness pitching. Don’t rush it. You don’t want to have a recurrence of the problem.
And don’t forget—you have to get your whole body into the action. I have seen too many pitchers just throw their arms out because they throw with just the arm and the shoulder. You need to use the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion—that’s how you get the power behind your pitches, and it takes a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder so that they’re just going along for the ride. I used to do this all the time when I was playing—I had seen how the Yankees’ Big Three did this, and I picked up on it and worked with it—and I quickly discovered that I was throwing harder and faster than I had been, and I got more speed into my delivery as well as more power into my pitches, and no sore arm, no fatigue, just good strong pitching.
So—hang in there. 8) :baseballpitcher:

I will tell this to almost every poster on this website asking about injuries. Go to a doctor and tell him the truth about everything. No matter what anyone says on here the doctor is the best way to go. I wouldnt listen to a lot of things on here besides ways to help prevent injury. My suggestion is to see a doctor and get an MRI if you feel a lot of pain in there. Even if its just dead arm he will tell you and give you ways to recover faster. Tendonitis can be helped by taking advil, running, and icing and deep tissue massages.

Good advice all around here! I think every pitcher experiences what you’re experiencing at least once in his career. Rest is key. Talking to trainers, coaches or even a doc is great advice. But when you’re ready to come back, you might want to think about really mixing up your throwing and conditioning routines to “recharge” the batteries a bit and add some strength. A lot of times, baseball players get stale with their training because the season’s long and the on-field routines are the same year after year. Perhaps dedicating yourself to a strength program in the off-season would be helpful to prevent future arm issues. But do stay positive and let us know how things go . We’re routing for you!