Arm injury

Well, when I throw hard I have this little pain on my shoulder that expands over the rotator cuff zone. It doesn’t slow down my velocity but sometimes it becomes hard to throw with that pain and I start lacking of control. I’m throwing around 85mph right now (at least). I have games every week but I’m not pitching 'cause until now it wasn’t needed, instead I play third and catcher, when I’m catching and I throw to second I don’t feel any pain but when I throw hard from third to first my arm blows away. In a month we will play a top-level team and there is no way we can beat them with our regular pitching staff so I’m going to pitch. I have been asking some coaches and trainers and they have told me that my arm can’t take and support that speed as I’m only 15 ; and that I have to strengthen my arm by doing dumbbells of about 3lbs and running a lot. IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I THROW MY FASTBALL WHICH IS SUSPICIOUS. I can throw my curveball at high speeds (almost 80mph) and it doesn’t hurt my arm. So I don’t know what the problem could be. Can someone give me an advice on how to do a proper rehab from this injury as fast as possible? What could have caused this injury??[size=18][/size]

You can’t talk about rehab until you know what’s wrong. You really should get checked out by a knowledgeable sports doc and then go from there.

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Go and get it looked at, I had pain in the front of my shoulder that would just come and go and didn’t seem to effect my velocity and I just got it looked at the other day and it turns out that I have a torn labrum. Now I have an mri done to find out how much damage I have and that will help determine whether or not I can continue. Don’t be a fool and risk your entire career. Pain that comes and goes is not good trust me and it will most likely get worse as you continue to push it.