Arm Injury knot

Looking for advice. 14 year old Son has what appears to be a knot the size of a marble in his shoulder right near the top of shoulder(super spinatus muscke) that goes under bone in his shoulder. Took him to medical massage and she said Area was tight around the knot and released most of knot. He continued to stretch and pain and tightness left area and did not bother him. Two weeks later the area is tight again and the knot returned. It starts to hurt when he does long toss. His arm angle has always been slightly above 90, when he throws at 90 there is no pain. He has played travel since 9u never pitching more than 30 innings a year. Any advice, thanks.

Hi Gasser,

A massage therapist will treat the symptom, not the problem. Stop wasting your money.

PT is more likely what you will need. And along with that will come a proper conditioning program that he must make as part of his baseball routine. I speak from experience as a father.

Now, there isn’t much to go on unless a doctor gets involved, and choosing the right doctor is essential. Having said that, you say it comes about due to long toss? If that is correct, well then perhaps you should look at his mechanics in long toss versus normal playing/pitching/throwing. Most likely he is dropping his arm angle in an effort to throw as far as he can…THAT IS NOT LONG TOSS. Long toss is a program. Some swear by it, others criticize it in some way or an other.

If he only has this problem when incorporating long toss into his routine, most likely he is doing something wrong (mechanics natural to him change) and putting stress on his shoulder; and that stress my be occurring because he needs to develop the surrounding supportive muscle groups, especially the rotator cuff muscles.

There are many BAND exercises that will help with this muscle training and development, as well as strength and conditioning exercises with kettle bells etc…