Arm Icers

What do you guys think of arm icers such as ones like these: here

i have one just like it. it works great, that is until its like 6 yrs old and begins to leak like mine is. its lastest longer than it should have and its functional. dont get me wrong you wont have any functionality out of your right arm for the 20 mins your icing but its all good.

I used my friends this year, I thought it was an awesome little thing

I have one just like that. It’s a good buy.


My son uses it. It’s excellent. Easy to use and the ice packets fold up easily for placement in the freezer.

Where can I find one of these? I’m 5’11"(a quarter in. from 6’0") and 175lbs. I’ve looked on the internet, but every arm icer I see is for people well over 6’0" and over 200lbs. The smaller one I have seen is for youth, which is for people 5’0" and under.