Arm hurt? You probably spend more time pitching than throwin

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IMO throwing every day helps keep the arm healthy and ready to pitch.

I definitely agree that more kids are getting hurt because they don’t separate throwing from pitching. Not throwing between starts only leads to being unprepared for the rigors of pitching.

Wales, you hit it on the button. The major problem here is that most kids are so zeroed on in pitching, whether coaches or parents or what not, and they haven’t learned how to throw! I put it this way on another post:
A baby has to crawl before it can walk, and walk before it can run. A kid has to learn to throw the ball before it can pitch. What I see it is a classic cart-before-the-horse situation—kids are, from the beginning, inundated with mechanics and such, and they haven’t learned how to just plain throw the ball. No wonder there are so many injuries, so many 10-and 11-year-olds heading for TJ surgery!
A kid has to start out learning to just plain throw the ball—and throw it with intent. And then, one can start with some basic mechanics… :o :shock:

That should be the new youth pitching mantra, Throw with intent.

I’ve seen too many kids coming into high school who pitch but never throw. These kids have no stamina and fragile arms. Every time they take the mound its days before they recover.
Sorry but I personally find this ridiculous. Where is the intent to throw. To hit. To play the game.

Turn 22, don’t apologize. This goes beyond ridiculous—it’s reprehensible. Those pitching coaches (?) should be ashamed of themselves for falling down on the job—and not only them, but those parents who haven’t the slightest clue. You’ve got it right: the new mantra, not only for youth pitchers but for all pitchers, needs to be “Throw with intent”, and the sooner this is put into action the better. I’ve had it up the wazoo with those self-styled pitchers who can’t even throw the ball without falling all over themselves!!!