Arm goes to the side when throwing a curve?

I was just doing some throwing with a friend and every time I throw a curve my pitching arm would go off to the side and kind stick out kind hard to explain but i think it looks something like this l\ with the first line being my body and second my pitching arm. Does anyone know why this is happening? I try to get a video up when I get a chance.

Edit: It doesn’t do this on any other pitch

supinating hard
that could mess your elbow up

try pronating during and after release(K-Rod)
release off your index finger

or just throw like a fastball and just snap your wrist down hard

When i saw it my arm was pronated thou.

sorry i gotta disagree here
dont snap your wrist downward hard
just let the curveball come out naturally and smoothly

one thing that might help is to try to picture your arm going from your cocked position in a line towards your pas knee. this might help get your arm going back in the right line your looking for. just my 2 cents

Sounds like you aren’t strong enough to throw a curve or any other supinated pitch. I’d say scrap it from your arsenal.