Arm getting too deep

Lately since i’ve been pitching, on video (i’ll try to upload soon) my arm gets deep like Lincecum’s but i notice Lincecum collaspes his arm still getting to the second image, bringing back his velocity for throwing. When i get deep, my arm stays deep, causing me to throw the ball like a catapault or trebuchet. As i still get decent velocity, i know that i can gain more if i fix this problem. The problem is how do i fix it? Does anyone have any drills or tips oneither keeping your arm from getting to deep out of the power position or collapsing it after i straighten it all the way out?

Your first problem is you are looking at mechanics of Tim Lincecum. He is the last person you should look at when it comes to mechanics. He is obviously a great pitcher, with amazing stuff but his mechanics are all over the place. Lincecum is one of the very few players that defy all rules of pitching mechanics, this is one of the reasons why his nick name is ‘The Freak’

Are you trying to emulate Lincecum or what?

I am having the same problem… I throw mid 80’s but it causes my arm to drag and like you said almost catapult the ball --> letting it get too deep led me to elbow problems…

i need some drillzzzz

no i am not trying to emulate Linceum at all, I just realized he does the same thing i do as far as when I break my hands, my throwing arm gets too deep and when i throw the ball it is almost straight. I guess the better question would be what are some ways of getting my arm action back to rotating around the elbow how it’s supposed to?

Even if your arm is getting “deep” as you call it when you are moving forward where is it when your front foot comes down. I have seen so many styles prior to that but when the front foot comes down the arm is up at around a 90 degree angle with the ball facing out or back. I am sure that some of the more advanced guys like dino and coach b. can give you some of the more specific angles and concepts.[/code]

actually copying lincecum would be good, not exactly like him but stride, hip shoulder separations, he has excellent mechanics.

Thanks for the replies but does anyone have any drills for getting the arm at that 90 degree mark or keeping it short in the back when the foot comes down? I’d really appreciate some.

stand at your stride length with your toe facing your target as if you had just landed, hold the ball up at a 90 degree angle so you can get the feeling of where it needs to be when youre in that landing position, and throw, then try with your actual mechanics.

You most likely don’t need a drill to fix this - you probably need to fix something else earlier in your delivery that is causing this flaw. Post video and I’m sure someone will spot it for you.