Arm Endurance

hey yall, i got a question for ya. Tonight, I started in my scrimmage. In the first inning, I did fine, but then in the second, I just ran out of gas. I was throwing beachballs, and eventually gave up 4 runs. My arm just felt dead. What do I have to do to build up arm endurance, so I can pitch deeper into games with full velocity? Anything other than long toss? What strength training excercises can I do?

The only way you’ll build up endurance for pitching is to pitch more. Get some bullpens going during the week. What kind of throwing did you do prior to the season, or scrimagge?

Infact, I pitched the sunday before the one that just went by, and thats it. I played long toss before the game. Your right, I just need to throw more.

I like to throw a lot of longtoss, and I have found this to help me with my endurance as well.

You can adapt strength and power exercises to help build endurance. Work at fifty to sixty percent of your maximum and increase your repetitions to fifteen.

Ideally you want to keep the work you do as specific as possible so a structured long toss programme will work best. Use a gradual build up in frequency over time.

Baseball players do not need to be doing sets of 15. Baseball is a power sport and sets of 15 doesn’t help that. You have to throw a lot to help your endurance. Lifting can help endurance some but that isn’t the goal of lifting.

In season lifting should use a low to moderate reps with moderate to high intensity.