Arm Drag while throwing pitching



I really could use some advice here. First want to go over the problem I am seeing with my 11 year old. It is frustrating the both of us. When he is pitching or throwing his arm seems to drag and if ha was on the mound would be throwing behind the head of a right hand batter. His mechanics are sound but his arm/upper half is slower than his lower half because he is definitely throwing wild. It is s sync thing but not sure on how to ask him to adjust. The more I read and watch on the subject every 10 people have 10 different opinions. Some say slow the motion some say speed up the motion then the whole hand break thing which makes very little sense to me what so ever as only natural is belt level give or take. looking for drills to synchronize his upper and lower body.



May be a core strength issue. That will correct itself with age.
For the timing issue, have him separate his hands earlier. It will start the arm swing earlier and his arm won’t be lagging and trying to catch up with his body.


Need some video, preferably shot from behind and at 90° (3rd base if he’s a righty). Otherwise, we are relying on your description which may or may not be accurate.


Ditto on needing to see video.

But I will add this… A late arm is really an early front side - usually.


I will try to see if I have a video busy week ahead. I can definitely tell you it is not core strength though. Thanks for all the advice without the video. Funny thing is it almost never happens when he do a double step throwing over to first from third. It does happen when he is just having a catch.