Arm drag or dropping elbow


I have been having issues for a while on my arm when coming over the top. After I separate and I start dropping my elbow and then start dragging my arm through the zone. do you have any ways to help fix this.


Begin initiating your throws from the internal rotation or external rotation Apex and internalize how it feels to do it correctly. By putting your body in the proper position and initiating from that biomechanically efficient position you will develop the kinesthetic awareness to replicate in your full throw if you initiate properly and lift the ball properly.


Sounds like some plyoball work would help you immensely


It’s all speculation without seeing your delivery but I will say that arm drag is really an early front side - usually.


thanks i will give it a try


How so?


Most pitchers like David Price keep their throwing arm back and shoulder rotation delayed as long as possible, which helps keep things in better sync…gives the throwing arm time to complete its arm circle down, back and up.