Arm Bands- Flexible tubing?

Hello everyone,

Does anybody know of any arm resistance bands that actually last a long time? i have been using heavy duty resistance tubing on my arm and i’ve had to purchase 2 bands in 3 months. I dont over stretch them either.

I use them probably 5-6 times a week before i throw.

Does anybody have any experience with jaeger bands? Or anything on the cheaper side?

All help is appreciated.

I use SPRI bands. They generally last me about a year and they cost $10-15. Not too bad.

thanks- do you reccomend heavy or ultra heavy?

Neither. I have red (medium) and green (light) for warm-up purposes only.

Ive bought ultra heavy from sports authority both times. Do you think that is why they are more suseptible to breaking?

DO you feel like you get a good stretch from the red bands, like is there enough resistance?

Sorry for all the questions, haha i take warm-ups seriously lol…

Not sure if they are more prone to tearing. We have a set of blue (heavy) ones for specific uses, but I wouldn’t use them to warm up.

You shouldn’t try to tire out your cuff or small muscles before pitching. That doesn’t make sense.