Arm angles and arm problems

When i waz little i was taught to throw over the top with no one asking me if it felt natural. Fast forward to freshmen year in highschool, i had elbow problems. Got over it then they started coming back. So then i started to question if it was either mechanics or if its my arm slot. When ive messed with throwing 3/4/ sidearm it felt great but when i did muscles got tight and sore compared to when i would throw over the top they woudnt. Im 17 yr old righty pitcher and i just want to pitch without my arm freaking out. How do i find out if im a sidearmer or over the top and Is it too late to throw sidearm if i need to?

P.s. Whats crossfire?


it’s very difficult throwing side arm i throw 3/4:+1:

Just throw without thinking…your body will tell you where your natural arm slot is located.

A good thing to do is to get at shortstop and have someone hit you some ground balls. Stay relaxed and don’t think and throw some to first base. Prop a camera up if you want to review some footage. When you step on the mound, it is too easy to overthink in your head of where your “natural” arm slot is and try to force your arm into that position.


it puts a lot of stress on your arm when you transition from over the top to 3/4 to sidearm but if you keep at it for awhile your muscles shouldn’t tighten up as much .

it is also very hard to just go from over the top to sidearm, i’m not sure how you are able to do that