arm angle

i was wondering if it was bad that when i throw my curveball my arm angle changes :?: :?:

How much does it change? If it is a lot then it can be a bad thing, if it is the only pitch thrown from that different arm slot.

it drops on my 2 offspeed pitches change.curve and it drops maybean ince or two

It could be a bad thing if it drop so much that it is noticeable to hitters, as they’ll be able to tell when an off speed pitch is coming. If it is only an inch or two then it shouldn’t be a problem.

when i throw my fastball its very low 3/4 but when i throw offspeed its sidearm but i dont do it on purpose

You need to be careful when throwing your curve because you’re possibly throwing a slider. The curve thrown from a low arm slot often leads to supination of the hand/wrist which is more like a slider. The supination during forward acceleration of the arm is bad for the elbow.