arm action

when you pitch should your forearm be up against your bicep until you extend or what? idk how to explain it, but I got the idea from a post by coachkreber about backward chaining.

against bicep? dont think so the only time my arms even close is pre delivery when my hands are together. as long as your elbow is high enough worrying about other stuff in your arm is useless. when my hand break is at its max and my arms almost ready to deliver my arm goes limp. when you throw enough you train your arm to go limp just before you launch. it makes it more loose and the looser it is the faster it moves. your arms not what throws the ball. your body does, so when you throw if your elbows in a good position to throw the ball without injury like below shoulders you should be good. focus more on body now. the loose arm action will come in time. but no never have forearm touching bicep after my handbreak starts

NO! This puts your throwing elbow (specifically the UCL) in jeopardy.

When the shoulders start to rotate, the inertia of the baseball will cause the forearm to lay back. When the forearm lays back the elbow is usually bent at a 45 degree angle. This isn’t caused by flexing the bicep. It’s caused by a “loose” arm and quick shoulder rotation.

I would not focus on consciously doing this when you throw. Like jakejeckel wrote, if your arm is relaxed, it will happen by itself. Too much tension and you will end up “pushing” the ball.

The only time I see the elbow bent more than 45 degrees is when you throw a pronated curve with Mike Marshall’s motion.

maddux keeps a great degree of bend in his throwing elbow when he throws.

ok thanks guys, so just a loose arm?