what MLBer has the best arm action in ur opinion?

my arm action is totally different then any MLB player ive seen i am 3/4 but i bring my arm way out and i am a fast pitcher im 11 i throw about60

A.Smith, I was looking at your arsenal, and you have too many pitches. First off don’t throw a slider or curve, instead throw the knuckel curve and cutter since your 11. and chose between the change up and palmball

yes, and at ur age i wouldnt even bother with a breaking ball - PERIOD

and just because u can spin it like a slider or whatever doesnt make it a slider… i remember this little kid your age who thought he threw about 50 different pitches… i dunno how thats possible cause there arent even 50 pitches S:

anyways, fastball and changeup/palmball is all u need at that age… and even then hitters wont recognize a changeup from a fastball so not really much need