arm action

Always looking for ways to improve how I coach the kids I work with so looking for a take on this.

Lots of kids (7-9 range) take the ball out of the glove and immediately roll thier hand under it like holding a pie or while keeping the elbow at about 90 degrees take it straight back into the “high cock” position. So while believing in general what Tom House says, that the arm path is an individual thing, there seems to be a need to at least get them going properly, correct? I tell them to center their hands and just for the first 6 inches or so keep your hand on top and get your hand moving down. After that just let your arm do it’s thing. And get your hand moving, don’t try and guide it up into some spot. It seems to be working pretty well. Some kids’ arm action are longer, some shorter but they all look more fluid and they are all picking up velocity. Any thoughts or other suggestions? concerns?


I don’t think having the hand under the ball is as big of a deal as people think it is. For one thing, this is what Juan Marichal did.

What I teach, and prefer my guys do, is to break the hands and take the ball down, out, and then up and through the high cocked position.

I do not teach my guys to keep their fingers or their hands on top of the ball for any length of time. Instead, I prefer that they go thumbs up (not thumbs down) immediately after they break their hands.

I also teach my guys to break their hands with their hands, not their elbows. IOW, I tell them to focus on what their hand is doing.