Arm Action Work

I was working on my arm action and I believe I found several factors that lead it to get stuck down and in turn hinder my ER.

When I just let me arm just go on it’s own, it wants to go straight back towards first to the point my elbow fully extends. It doesn’t start moving up until my chest rotates. I also notice that when my arm gets stuck at parallel(to the ground) my elbow almost leads my hand. I tried doing the opposite in the video below. I believe that my elbow gets locked into place(a good level, right in line with my shoulder), and forces my forearm/hand to stop.

I tried to work on lead more with my wrist in this video, while trying to keep my elbow bend the whole time, so it could fully extend towards first. My goal with this was to shorten my arm action, keep in continuous, have an earlier “flip”, and hopefully increase ER which would hopefully increase my velocity.

I did this about 20 times but I posted only a couple of what I did. The first clips is me just watching my arm making sure it did what I felt it should do. The second is me just doing it. That is followed by me going to the up position, which is then following by a light mock throw.

On my mock throw, I see the old habit still there, but to a lesser degree. It looks more continuous and more fluid. I know that I won’t reach max ER without my full body or a ball. But I like how my arm is starting to lay back more.

The big things that I noticed with my ‘throws’ is that they were shorter, my elbow got up later, they were continous, and my arm began to ‘lay back’. Let me know what you think!


Here’s the video

I feel like I can improve more in the areas that i stated above, but I believe my action here is much closer to the arm action I need to have.

Comments Please and thanks!

You should definitely go for it. I’m trying to do the same thing. With my arm action, my arm wants to fly out back to first base. I’m trying to do the same drills and stuff as you.