Arm action question

from the side view at full stride right before I rotate my torso, my elbow is about 2 to 3 inches above my shoulder and my forearm is pointing straight up…is this hurting my velocity?

no but it could hurt your shoulder later on

Let me ask you something, Rock—is this your natural pitching delivery, or did some nitwit coach tell you to do that? Somehow I suspect that the latter is the case here, and trying to throw from such an awkward position can do nothing but injure your arm and shoulder. It falls into the same category as the coach who insists that a pitcher throw “over the top” all the time in spite of the fact that this might not be the kid’s natural motion.
I had an incredible pitching coach years ago. He was an active major-league pitcher, one of the Yankees’ Big Three, and he doubled as an extra pitching coach for the team. He had this basic tenet that every pitcher has a natural motion, and so what he would do would be to show said pitcher how to make the most of it. I was a natural sidearmer, and he helped me take full advantage of this delivery.
Now, i don’t know what your natural motion might be—it might be a 3/4 or a sidearm motion—but I would strongly recommend that you drop that elbow so it’s no higher than your shoulder, and take a look at your arm angle, how you deliver the pitch. Just doing that one little thing is sure to take a lot of pressure off. Give it a try and see what happens.

How are your shoulders aligned? Your elbow might be above your shoulder relative to the ground but that’s not what matters. If your shoulders are tilted, then your elbow could still be in line with your shoulders relative to an imaginary line drawn through both of your shoulders.

This is where XV inserts one of his excellent pictures… I hope…

no its not my natural armaction, but the problem is that i dont have a natural armaction anymore when I just dont think and throw this just happens… this is a bad view but you can still see what I mean. Is it just an injury prevention thing or is this taking velocity away from me?