Arm action looks weird

Something in my arm action looks kinda weird but I can’t put my finger on what it is. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Here is a link to the video

To me it looks like you are overtrying to throw over the top. Is this your natural arm slot?

I’m not even sure what my natural arm slot should be anymore because I’ve tried to change things so many times. Should it be more 3/4?

The reason your arm action looks weird is because you cannot effectively create arm action with your slow motion throwing attempt.

Your not obtaining any extra rotation essentially pushing almost to the point of shot putting the baseball.

In honor to get effective extra rotation the upper body torso must rotate rapidly. External rotation is then created because of the inertia of the upper arm wants to lag behind the upper body which creates external rotation.

It’s been shown in a number of studies that the amount of external rotation correlates to velocity i.e. the greater the external rotation the higher the velocity. Elite throwers achieve approximately 180° of external rotation.


Would I be correct in assuming that his lack of external rotation can partially due to his lack of hip shoulder separation?