Arm Action: Bourne Identity or Identity Fraud?

Hey fellas, will discuss in greater detail later.

Great read, I agree with it though! I think that to an extent every pitchers mechanics should be unique… Although obviously minor flaws should be corrected

Great article Thinktank.

My son at 9 emulated Roger Clemens then switched to Pedro at 10. He was more comfortable with Pedro’s “mechanics”.

To the credit of his PC, he used this recognizing that 3/4 was his natural arm slot and built solid mechanics around it. His mechanics have changed slightly and developed over the years but he still throws “Pedroesque”

Thing is, he no longer considers himself emulating anyone, now the mechanics are his.

My incredible pitching coach had a basic premise: Every pitcher has a natural motion. The arm angle—arm slot—is unique to the individual pitcher, as is the rest of the windup and delivery. So what the pitching coach needs to do is take note of that and work with the pitcher to help him or her make the most of it, take full advantage of it, and not screw around with it.
I will never forget the day I told him I just wanted to ask him something about the slider. How he knew what it was I wanted to know, I will never be able to figure out, but he drew me aside and spent some time showing me how to throw a good one. I remember, as vividly as if it were yesterday, how he watched me as I familiarized myself with the grip and the (easier) wrist action; he noted that I was a true natural sidearmer who could throw hard and used a slide-step all the time, and he made some mental notes and formed in his mind a jumping-off point from which he could work with me.
Coaches, take note: Never mess with a pitcher’s natural motion, no matter how unorthodox or weird or bizarre it might be. Work with it and show the pitcher how to use it to his/her best advantage. 8)