Arm action and stride

im a lefty and i was wondering if it was alright when i throw my arm tends to go towards 3rd base. also i saw a clip of my pitchin and was wondering if having a longer stride than some one my size is alright. right now im working on getting clips soon so that my help.

I’m not sure what you mean by “towards 3rd base”. On follow-through? When taking the ball out of the glove? It’s not clear to me. Clips will help.

You didn’t post your height and weight.

when i bring my arm back i don’t bring it stright back. and im 5’10 160

Do you bring it this far back?

yea about that far

this probly dosen’t help but its the best i can do

Where is your arm at when your front foot strikes? Have you had accuracy issues?

its about where it is in the pic. and yea i have had control problems