Arm Action and Scap Loading

[quote=“beaver26”]Thanks for the input. I can see that the glove arm needs to be more involved now that you pointed it out.

What are your thoughts (anyone) on using a video camera during training versus a radar gun? In my experience the camera has not been the most helpful tool. When I am trying to perform a certain movement, it seems to slow me down because i am thinking too much.

The reason for this rambling is that at Ron Wolforths camp i hit 79.4 on a walking torque, and 81 on a turn and burn. But now at home, with a Stalker gun, i can’t surpass 73 on either of these drills. I am thinking that maybe when i am throwing alone with a camera i start thinking to much versus trying to throw the ball through the wall as i was at Wolforths? Thoughts?[/quote]

I have 2 kids that attended his camps and both were around 5-6 mph higher than ever. One was up to 83 and had never touched 80 before. The parents said that Wolforth showed them a few pointers and every time he showed or demonstrated the technique that the players each threw it 3 mph harder. Kind of goes against what I have seen when a kid is conscious of changing a movement pattern. Maybe it was a difference in the gun or what. I can’t imagine that kind of variation.

It seems that relying on measurements from different guns is a bad practice.

Who knows for sure though, people with high-quality guns claim to have the same results all the time - regardless.