For the sake of arguement (nothing personal please) I’d like to talk a little catching. I’m a catcher and instructor and have been told different things from different instructors/coaches. Just want to hear some point of views on the topic and reasoning…

Lets start with blocking…Attack the ball and go forward, cutting down the angle or kick the feet out and give?

Throwing…transfer as soon as you can or bring it back to the ear and “bow and arrow” or “rake”.

Since I used to play hockey, I block it like a goalie.

When you block, you are supposed to stay loose so whent he ball hits you, it dies. You want it to land just in front of home plate regardless of where it is. There are times when the catcher has to kick out his legs so the ball bounces to home plate.

what do you do with the stick then?[/img]

If you bring the glove back then it needs to go forward before you throw, right? That takes more time. Transfer in front to keep the glove out front and only bring back the hand that needs to go back. IMHO.

vast majority of guys work from the middle of their body for transfer. most professional catching instructors teach working from the middle of your body.

the secret to blocking is reading/anticipating and beating the ball to the spot. this takes time and concentration. you cannot be moving into the ball and soften your body. they talked about this constantly.

Anticipating the pitch and its potential incoming flight path is one of the quality’s of catching

I’m no where near the quality of coach to take on the coaching role of catchers - but sometimes
ya got flow with it. But even then, this stuff is not a walk-in-the-park.

I was visiting some of my relatives and a man that lived next door was over having a frosty and visiting as well. As it turned out his son was a catcher with a near by community college and he ask me if I could spend a few hours passing on some hints on how to play the backstop position a little better. I said “sure”, and before I knew it, two hours later, five youngsters show up next door and I’m invited over.

This community college had five, count-em, five catchers. I was impressed … until I mentioned anticipating the incoming flight of a pitch(s) to reduce pass-balls. I noticed right away a perplexing look on all five youngsters in attendance. Finally, one of the youngsters piped up and asked, “how are we suppose to anticipate the incoming flight path of a curve, or slider, or knuckleball, coach?

I stood there speechless, assuming this was a joke - right? Nope. These guys all had a deadpan face, everyone of them.

So, I took a deep breath and said, “ because that’s the signal (sign) that your going to give your pitcher”.

There was this … “” Ohhhhhhh yeaaaahhhh!” expression on everyone’s face.

Then, for the rest of the afternoon, it was all down hill from there … things either just fell into place or fell apart. No wonder I don’t feel comfortable coaching catchers!

Coach B.