Area Code Camp, December 5, 2009

I will be attending the Area Code Camp in Stockton, Ca at Delta College, just thought I’d let you guys know. Wish Me Luck!

Anyone ever been to one?

what is it for my future reference?


I just want to know, to see what they have you do, cause they say bring workout gear. Im just curious

So after camp, im dissapointed. Today is the first day I got clocked by a stalker gun, and I was 80 tops, the scouts dropped the gun after a few pitches, it was like a Brewers Tryout, cause they was all wearing brewers stuff. Im really dissapointed although I did K 2 people. I thought I’d be low 80s. Man, wth
Im sitting here thinking to myself, you are 6’1" 260 and you top 80? You are a Junior in HS, a damn freshman was throwing as hard as you. I might just had a bad day, my arm was bothering me, but im Is this Hard Work im putting in a waste? smh
the slide piece was nice though, at 74 mph

Keep truckin, man. Keep working hard! You’ll get your opportunity…

Sheesh, I hope so, I hope the hard work does payoff

you have two years of high school left. if you get to low to mid 80’s that is average ju-co/small college velocity. you need 3 things to go with it.

  1. location - you do not walk people unless you are pitching around someone

  2. a great “+” off-speed or breaking ball you can throw at any time in the count

  3. the best work ethic on your team from now until you decide it’s time to do something else.

what other options do you have? if you don’t want to go through this, it won’t happen. a guy names billy wagner went through your situation and oswalt was nothing special till he reached college.

if you don’t go through it, you’ll never know if you could pitch or not. it’s up to you. are you doing all you can or are you pretending to be a hard worker. only you can answer this question honestly. if you keep doing what you are doing, your only hope is the baseball fairy.

What is that supposed to mean?

I’m not trina go to a small college out of HS or JC, i will work my rear end off to get into D1, even if it takes 2 yrs or even 1 at the JUCO level, man Im heated.

Only time will tell if you make it DI. Some of it is predetermined. You have no control of what your peak potential is. You may have the same desire as say a guy lilke Matt Harvey from the University of Texas but do you have the same peak potential? Go to the Texas roster website and check out his credentials. In order to find out…you climb the mountain. As you climb you have to constantly do some gut checks. That’s personal evaluation of the highest degree.

Now, perception is seeing what we want to see, not what is clearly there. Clarity is the ability to infuse reality into the perceiving. No matter what your desire, you must always be able to accept reality, infuse clarity and adjust accordingly.

Most often a young man sets out to achieve a goal. His goal is worthy but on that journey he learns that the first defined goal ( or percieved as in the above context )is not the end he thought it was. The goal is redefined once or many times along the way based on truths and reality. What often happens is he is able to achieve something greater than the original by being true to his calling. It is not as though they settled for somethiing less. But along the way it became clearer what the true desire of the heart was in the first place.

So I say to you Jr., do not be discouraged in your quest for DI standing. You may indeed make it there. But if you are presented with alternate paths to the top of that mountain, do a gut check, ask for clarity and make those adjustments. You will find satisfaction and happiness there.

That was a beautiful post there Dino…you too Dusty.
Jr, you know better than this…you know you’ve thrown faster, you know better than to throw when your arm “bothers” you. Particularly after you’ve rehabbed from injury…what??? Let me guess…you don’t like to pitch and are going to go ahead and do the things that will get you out quickest??? Come on, grow a set hombre, are you quitting after you take a loss or someone jacks you? My son always…ALWAYS clocked lower in the late fall (In cold weather for certain)…so what??? Do you think the Brewers were going to recruit you straight out of the camp? You can bet on one thing…if you are injured they can’t/won’t recruit you for any college level. There is no shame in pitching at any level of college ball once you get out of high school…period…the other choice is playing some form of rec ball or getting a job…IT IS A PRIVILEDGE TO BE ALLOWED ON A POST HIGH SCHOOL FIELD!!! Sure you’d like to make the highest fit for yourself but man staying healthy and progressing is all you should see, life always has set backs…how are you going to react?
Baseball will shake off the weak…the ones with no work ethic, or the ones with not enough spirit…the ones who aren’t determined…as a junior in high school, just ask yourself; “how many guys have I seen already walk away”? They will let you go and be happy you are gone cuz there will be one less when they have to make it…Let me tell you something else, you just wait until you get to college…you think one bad day is hard to overcome…ha! You will have a friend or two maybe on the team, the rest will be either not caring at all or hoping you fail to clear the way for them…it’s brutal (Dude I mean it is brutal!! Send Centerfield a pm and ask him what he’s experiencing as a freshman…Facebook my son and ask him how his roided up team mates treated him because he didn’t roid out too)…my point is Jr. the only way you get further is by shear will and desire, you are in the mid-80’s in mid-season form…you work your a$$ off and stay healthy, you keep your grades as high as you have them, you keep your eyes open and look for opportunities and you forget about one bad day…any time it happens…now stop being so needy and get yourself squared up and looking for the next opportunity.

I bet your brother would say something like I just said too…

Thanks for the posts guys.

My brother actually was pleased with my performance, he told me he was watching the radar gun, and I was 77-78 and topped at 80 mph, but he thought I was throwing harder when they put the radar gun down.

Some guy came from washington throwing what I thought was gas, as I watched him warm up in the bullpen, and he was consistently 83, I thought he would clock higher than that, maybe high 80s.

Part of the thing I need to work on is my lower body. I don’t feel as if I get the most out of it. That’s what probably leads to me having sore arms most of the times I throw. I feel like I’m throwing all arm. And Imma need some help on that from you guys, Like how do you work on getting more fast torque on my delivery, for that though, I think imma need to video tape myself.

JD, were was your son at in velocity at this time, fall of junior year?
But yeah, maybe it was the radar gun, or the cold 30 degree weather, but I know I can throw faster than that

I honestly think that you are at the right place asa far as development is concerned. With the regimen you currently have yourself on I expect you to become much stronger and leaner up until and into your senior year. Keep up the good work.

For Real? are being honest?

Absolutely Ive been following your log. Over the next year youre going to see a lot of changes in your body for the better. Keep hitting it hard and never forget your arm health. Running is amazing after you throw. Velocity you are set bro, I was at or around 80 from sohpomore-junior then I got strong and got up into mid upper 80s my senior year. Youve got the build and the drive.

Every kid on this site should read this and let it sink in. In fact, every person on this site should read it.

You can think all you want about how hard you throw, but until you have a radar gun on you you will never know for sure.

People don’t understand how DIFFICULT it is to throw in the 80’s let alone 90mph. I have to just shake my head when I read posts saying "yea…I know I’m throwing at least in the mid 80’s now’ when in actuality they are probably barely touching upper 70’s.

It takes TONS of work, attention to your training and conditioning and diet and mechanics and…you get the point - to throw a baseball with exceptional velocity.

Even the truly gifted (genetically speaking) will have to work at it.

So don’t take this as me harping on you JR, just use this experience to further your determination to get better as JD pointed out so well.

Here is more food for thought for you.

When my son was a JR in HS, he went to the WWBA Championship in Jupiter FL. He could not believe the level of talent there and the players who were throwing 90+ (some upper 90’s!).

He knew he had a lot of work to do before he could compete against this caliber of player. So he spent the next year and a half busting his a$$ to bring his game up to that level. He still has to work hard at it.

If this was easy…everybody would do it.

Now suck it up and get to work kid! :allgood:

What grade is your son in now? Where’s his velocity at?

Like I said before, I think all I need to do to hit low 80s consistently is use my lower half more, I feel like Im throwing 80 all arm. I’m gonna continue to do my weight lifting program, and improve my mechanics to try and sit low 80s and hit 85 by spring.

weight lifting helps, but solid mechanics can help a lot more in my experience…

do you have a mechanics video posted anywhere? I found my velocity jumped almost 5 mph just by “reaching and tucking” more aggressively.

Also, being big doesn’t necessarily hurt you’re velocity, but it doesn’t always help either… don’t think just because you’re big you’re automatically gonna be a flamethrower… it doesn’t always work that way… David wells was huge and his best pitch was a curveball.

Tim lincecum is tiny and he throws gas…