Are weighted baseballs ok for a soon to be 16 year old?

My son wants to start a weighted baseball throwing program. Do you feel its safe for a soon to be 16 year old to add weighted baseballs into a throwing routine, will it help to increase velocity?

My son just turned 16 and he uses them for drills and stretching that don’t include throwing. Not sure there is a problem with throwing some of the weighted balls, we have just not incorporated it into his training. I wouldn’t think throwing some of the lighter balls would be a problem.

The main thing with weighted balls in my opinion is to have a firm foundation of throwing in place. Throwing mechanics (not talk about pitching here, but throwing) should be solid as well.
I would do an “on ramping” into weighted balls if you decide to do them.
Driveline baseball has an excellent free ebook you can get.
The underweight balls are actually more dangerous than the over weight balls. Arm speed is what is a main driver in injury (a majority of injuries occur at or after ball release and the arm attempts to slow itself). There is a reason football QBs rarely have elbow injuries and baseball players do. The football is so much heavier than a baseball the arm is moving slower.
Find a good program, take your time and be very careful introducing underweight balls.

I would recommend taking a look at the Velocity + Arm Care program.

That’s so important. I also encourage you to use them in the off-season, and not during a full game/practice schedule in the Spring or Summer, where your son should really be focused on his starts and/or relief appearances.

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