Are these reasonable goals?

So team workouts are over and I only went from 188 to 190.8 :/. Now we are responsible for ourselves. We workout, throw, and condition on our own time and I made a few goals that I want to achieve.

Goal 1: Reach 200+lbs
Current: 190.8lbs

Goal 2: 3 miles in under 18 minutes
Current: 3 miles=25 min 48 sec

Goal 3: average of 15+inches/centimeters(it’s a standard sit and reach. pretty sure it’s measured in both, and if that’s the case then I’m aiming for 15+ inches)
Current: 13.67 inch average

Goal 4: Develop change-up
Currently do not have one

Alright and here is what I’m doing to try and achieve these goals.

Goal 1: People from this site have already expressed there opinion about my college workout, calling it “typical” and "bad, and I guess I’d have to agree. I mean putting on a few pounds in about 5-6 weeks isn’t bad, but it’s not really the result I was hoping for. So I’m starting a workout routine that was posted on a thread awhile back, it’s the westside for skinny bastards routine. So, hopefully, I’ll get the results, bulking up wise, that I’m hoping for.

Goal 2: Only reason I’m trying to achieve this is because the first week of practice is called “hell week” and on the first and last day we have to run 3 miles in under 20 minutes, followed by 25 suicides and each has to be done in 35 sec. For every min. over 20 min. the slowest person is we have to add on a suicide(so if he finishes in 25 minutes we have to do 5 extra suicides), so I want to be able to finish in under 20 minutes and have some energy left over. To do this I’m doing sprints and long distance running on alternating days 6 days a week.

Goal 3: Pitchers need to be flexible. I consider myself pretty flexible, but more flexibility couldn’t hurt. For this I’m going to do the p90x stretch routine twice a week, the p90x yoga routine once a week, and a quick full body stretch I learned in high school once a week.

Goal 4: Every pitcher needs a change-up, I don’t…and that’s going to be a huge problem for me in college. So I’m throwing one or two bullpens a week, so I’ll work in different grips and arm slots til I get something that works.

Alright so any feedback is welcome. If you see a goal that seems too far out of reach let me know, if you feel one or two of them should be easy let me know, and let me know what you think of the ways I’m trying to achieve each.

Finally, today is 12/08/2011 Our season/practice officially start 2/01/2012
So I have a little under 2 months to reach these goals.

The weight goals aren’t very reasonable if you’re also trying to achieve the running goal. Screw what the coaches running requirement is, a few extra suicides on one day is not worth structuring your whole training around meeting that goal. Throw in a few days of conditioning each week (20-25 minutes or so - it doesn’t have to be running either, running is one of the worst forms of cardio) and you should improve your three mile time indirectly. There are very few people on my team who couldn’t run 3 miles in under 21 or 22 minutes, and we never really run long distances like that, just work sprints, agilities, or cross fit type workouts for conditioning.

WS4SBIII is okay, but its very open ended and not very specific to baseball. I like this program a lot better

but if you have to do defranco’s template, sub in the exercises from cressey’s program where you can. Having done both programs, cressey’s exercise selection absolutely can’t be beat. It may look similar on paper, but once you do it you realize how effective, joint friendly and efficient cressey’s program is. If you could put most of my all time favorite movements into a program, it would look very similar to this one. It also emphasizes core much more, and big rotary, anti-extension and anti-rotation core movements as opposed to mainly high rep flexion exercises.

to gain 10lbs of good weight, you absolutely need a diet plan. Take a stab at that and we’ll let you know how it looks. Best of luck man.

Goal 1: I think it is very achievable if you maintain a mass building diet. However, much of the gained weight should reside in your lower half enabling you to have more powerful legs.

Goal 2: I guess its achievable, but studies show that long distance running does not really provide anything valuable for pitching.

Goal 3: Great idea and goal. Flexibility is a must for pitchers. Dynamic stretching prior to exercise, and static following it. That formula is guaranteed to increase your flexibility

Goal 4: Yes! This is a very necessary goal! A changeup is the second best pitch in baseball behind a fastball.

Have done yoga on and off. I am suprised we dont hear more about it in relationship to sports ,baseball,pitching. I think the flexiblity and strength will help any athlete.

Goal 2: Welcome to college baseball, where they have no idea WTF is going on.

Hey, now we have a view in common haha

True enough.