Are these pitches good togather

Lately i swiched to a sidearm delivery because, which may be hard to beleive, i throw harder and more control then over the top and 3/4s.
Only thing is it did change my selection of pitches. It kinda killed my sinker so i was wondering if this is good enough of should i try to learn another one.

4seam-78(moves like a 2-seamer but with 4-seam speed)

I’m 15 and open to anypitches that work with sidearm and can help my repatoire regardless of “strain”

Depending how long your knuckleball development has come I’d advise you to drop it and work on a cutter and to work on mastering your other pitches.

I do like my knuckleball though its a good pitch to surprise hitters with because of its uncommenness and its got little rotation and does dance a little some days or is jumping some others…would there be a reason to drop it other than more focus and how would you grip a cutter from a sidearm angle might be tough but idk ill try it

The cutter is another variation of the fastball, and yes, it will work very well thrown sidearm—a lot of pitchers are using it—so go ahead and work with it. As far as the knuckleball goes, you could use it as a “surprise” pitch once in a while.
One pitch I used very effectively was something called a “slip” pitch, which is at bottom a slider thrown with a knuckleball grip. The prerequisite for that one is a good slider—my best pitch—and when I would crossfire it, the batters didn’t like it at all because they were striking out all the time! You might consider working up a slider; it’s easier to throw and to control than a curve ball, and particularly because you throw sidearm it will put no added strain on your arm. 8)

I’d stick with the knuck then. I love the pitch too, that’s why I said it depends on how far along your development is, if it’s already pretty good I’d keep it.

It’s just that a lot of people try to throw one and just don’t know when to give up and their other pitches suffer because they are trying to throw a knuckleball that they just aren’t making progress with.

i don’t know if a slider would be good because i herad you have to throw fast for it to do anything and i only throw high 70s so im not sure

and yeah my knuckleball ive been throwing for a year now and it has been good 90% when i throw it. Now how would i go about throwing a cutter though

A cutter is basically an off-set fast ball.

Since you’re throwing sidearm it will be a little different. Most the time I just move my hand to the right and put pressure on with my middle finger but for you that will create the tail you already probably have throwing sidearm anyways, so try going the opposite and off-set your grip towards your body and put pressure with your index like a 2-seamer.

It’ll take some work and I’m not even sure if that’s how it’s done but I have some experience throwing from other arm angles so if I understand the spin from a sidearm delivery right you should get a cutter from that.

ill try both out because the ball spins like a 2 seamer naturaly so i think the cutter would be the same way but im just worried about the control of it to be honest

The only problem with the knuck is that most coaches do not take the pitch seriously. Especially at college level. I know you are three years away, but that is all the more time to work on another pitch or two. Keep throwing it, by all means, but you might think about developing a splitter, gradually widening your grip to a forkball, and getting that knuckleball rotation.

Never thought of it like that to be honest, but yeah the spilter is kinda hard to get used to though i herad

Hello again, sidearm99.
I remember when I was about twelve and I thought it might be fun to try a knuckleball—but I couldn’t get anywhere with it because I had that sharp karate-chop wrist snap on my curve ball. Then I heard that there is such a pitch as a knuckle-curve, and I experimented with a couple of knuckleball grips and threw my curve with them, and voila, I had that knuckle-curve. (Mike Mussina picked his up the same way, tried the knuckleball as a kid and got nowhere with it so he experimented with grips and came up with—the knuckle-curve.) This became my second-best pitch; the first was that killer slider that I learned from Ed Lopat who threw a very good one.
The splitter is a first cousin to the forkball but a lot easier to throw because it doesn’t require the extreme grip that a forkball does. You grip the ball for the splitter with the index and middle fingers off the seams but not as wide as you would have to do with the forkball; for that one you would actually grip the ball between those two fingers, and I wouldn’t advise it unless you have a King Kong-sized paw—the strain it places on the hand, the arm and everything else is just too much otherwise. And you do throw the splitter with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as for the fast ball. It’s a good pitch for getting ground-ball outs. :baseballpitcher:

zita do you remember your speed on your fastball when you picked up the slider?

remember theres 2pitches, a slider and a slurve. a slurve is basically a curve with exagerated lateral movement at around 10 to 15 mph slower then your fastball. a slider to be effective or to be a real good fastball would need to be less then 10 mph slower then your fastball and the idea around it is to beat you with the late movement on it not with the movement itself. thats why it needs to be thrown at higher speed in order to really have that good late break. slower pitchers reallyshould go fastball 2 and 4 seam, curveball change. and really, no pitcher would need anything else.

you have to remember that ultimely up there , its not about whos throwing the nestiest weirdest pitch, but whos getting the guys out.

Funny you should ask, sidearm99.
I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of. When I learned the slider, that became my fastest pitch, topping out at around 80—and my most effective one, because not only did I throw it sidearm but I also used the crossfire with it. Later on I picked up—don’t ask me how—a four-seam fast ball that hit 82. Everything I threw was offspeed, and I could change speeds on those pitches, and the batters didn’t like it at all because they were constantly getting fooled by one pitch or another and striking out! :slight_smile:

your telling me you never had a fastball? well i had a small period like that last year but woah kinda unique. but in your opinion how hard would a slider need to be for it to move like a real slider and not a slurve.

and would you mind posting a picture of your slider grip on this or a link to someone elses(the one on this site looks a little easy to pick up out of the hand for the batter, to me anyway i could be way off.)

I think you should probably try a splitter because none of your pitches really have that great “down” movement (excluding your knuckleball because that can really do anything it feels like :wink: I use a splitter and many of the batters just swing over it, and if they do make contact, it’s on the ground, which is why i love the splitter.

i dont believe a spilt fastball would go go downward at sidearm and i used to have a spiltter but my fingers got to wide and it turned into a forball which i didnt like