Are my mechanics good?

I am a high school junior throwing consistantly 87-88 and have hit 89 a couple of times. But i was wondering if there was anything i could do to get to or past 90. I am 6’2 220. Here is a video of me pitching from the front.

Please leave comments if you think there is anything i can improve on. I would really like it if Dick Mills would look at this video and tell me if there is anything i could do.

Personally I think you look fine as you are. Delivery kind of reminds me of Roy Halladay.

Try to get one of you from the thirdbase side though. Maybe theres something we can see there.

I suppose you could try and lengthen your stride out, but personally I would kept your delivery where it is right now.

Very nice delivery. You’ve got good size and the ball jumps out of the hand. What pitches you throwing?

Let’s get that camera on a tripod and see some side views…

i hope your back, can be more flat