Are Lefties or Righties better at bunting?

Are Lefties or Righties better at bunting? If lefties do a drag or drive bunt I think they get out of the box faster.

Great question Johnny! I was a left handed batter and I think that lefties have the advantage for a few reasons.

  1. I agree with you. The lefty drag bunt is very hard to defend. Whether you are dropping it down the third base line or first base line you can have that head start out of the box.

  2. Off speed pitches can curve or drop perfectly for the left handed batter. Many times I was able to drop a nice soft bunt down the first base line when a right handed pitcher threw a curveball.

Those are my thoughts initially.

Well whether a lefty or righty is a better bunter is simply a subjective matter considering the individual batter. However, it is a little bit easier for a lefty to bunt for a base hit considering they are closer to first base and that shaves off an all important small fraction of a second. I have seen right handers bunt for hits though the push bunt is a classic, in fact I saw Nick Swisher do it just the other day from the right side of the plate.