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how do you approach a coach to ask him why he is not playing your son? this is in high school level. i’ve heard other parents say “don’t say anything,” why is that? there seems to be no reason why the ball players are sitting for 3 or 4 games and then play one game and then sit 2 to 3 more! it doesn’t make sense! how are you supose to stay on top of your game! is it easier for a coach to discourage players by sitting them long periods of time so then they will not tryout next year? should you even worry about it? whats up? every time he pitched he won. the errors, which i understand, will happen. in seven straigh he had 2 balls that went out in the outfield for outs. lets hear it coaches and also players in the same situation.

i’ll talk to the kid about playing time - not the parent. are you going to talk to his boss when he doesnt get the raise you think he deserves or the promotion you think he deserves? part of team sports is growing up, becoming responsible for yourself, learning to be a part of a team that doesnt always revolve around you. learning a role, etc., etc.
i will talk to parents anytime day or night about anything to do with their kid except baseball. playing time discussions will not change the way the coach feels nor will it change the way parent feels so as a matter of policy upfront we dont have them. we’ve never had a problem with this.

As a parent you just don’t talk to a HS coach about playing time. It isn’t possible to get all the players on a HS roster the playing time they each need. The best bet is for your son, only if he wants to, to ask the coach if there’s anything he can do to EARN more playing time.

My son, who is one of the better freshmen could get cut this year because he’s injured and may not be able to play for another couple months. I don’t think that will happen but it is up to the coach and what he thinks will benefit the program. I’ll have nothing to say to the coach about it before or after the cuts are made, whatever happens. If he is cut, once he’s healthy we’ll simply try to get him ready for the next season wherever that might be. (Loyalty to the program is a given, almost regardless of playing time, but once a player is cut the program has released the player from any obligations.)

As a player I would NEVER EVER want my parent talking to a coach about my playing time. The reason your kid is probably not playing is because he hasn’t shown the coach that he’s worthy. High school baseball is when kids begin to turn in to adults. Kids need to learn how to handle setbacks and work harder to get themselves some more playing time. It’s a tough issue no doubt

At that level the player should ask the coach what he needs to do to get more playing time.

Sometimes it’s a position thing. When I was in high school I went through tryouts twice, and made the team. The 1st year the coach told me up front that I wouldn’t see much playing time because I was the 5th on the chart for outfield. The second year I would have moved up to 2nd maybe 3rd but injured my shoulder during football season.

Interesting post . As a parent , I would not personally ask the coach … rather I would suggest to my son, if it’s that important to you by all means ask him what you need to improve on to get more innings . However , as a coach … well , remembering that I’m an employee of the school … how could I tell a parent NO I will not have that discussion with you ? If your son was struggling in Algebra , would it be inappropriate to approach the teacher ? Don’t get me wrong , again I dont think a parent should initiate a discussion on this topic , however I also believe it’s the coaches JOB to keep all lines of communication open .

thank you all, i will pass this on to the parents (one father for sure). i played in high school only and was a good pitcher not the best and i am now a parent who is now in the stands looking at an above average pitcher. as i looked back at the start of him playing baseball i desided to coach because i saw the kids not having fun. i read up on coaching youth baseball and i incorporated some old school fun of the inner city. we would call all our friends and play anywhere we could. remember it was honest fun and you got to play ball! i understand about growing up to become an adult and my son knows how to ask questions. but doesen’t anyone remember to have fun and enjoy the game and work hard at it. not only the coaches will get more out of it but also the players and parents will as well.


i promise you our kids love it and are having fun. we tell our kids it starts being fun when you buy into the fact that its not about you and leave selfishness behind. building a loving family atmosphere. they’ve done a great job over the years of doing that. and we’ve been successful. good luck with the season!!!
as far as the algebra question goes. same principle applies. we will talk about anything with the parents except playing time and strategy. i give out my home phone number and email address to all parents. we send letters home to parents regularly letting them know whats going on. i write a weekly journal/diary in a local online sports newspaper giving insight into the program, etc. as a teacher you are not going to change your teaching methods and grading system because a parent complains. BUT, you will work with the kid and find a wayfor him to be the best algebra student he can be.

Looks like you received some very good replies to your question. I didn’t see in your post that your son was complaining about not playing, rather it is you who apparently is not happy. Also, you didn’t mention what year your son was.

I agree with raiderbb.

It’s actually very easy to tell a parent this. I’ve worked in schools where it was an athletic department rule, in writing. The coach was hired to run the baseball program. He has NO responsibilty to you. He has the responsibility to coach the kids to the best of his ability and work hard on their behalf. Just like in life, everybody can’t play. Little league is over where they have to make sure every kid gets on the field. The bottom line is, it’s the coach’s decision who he plays and doesn’t play. You have to respect that or have your son play something else.

[quote=“CADad”]The best bet is for your son, only if he wants to, to ask the coach if there’s anything he can do to EARN more playing time.[/quote]I like this!

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As a Hs player I would never want my parents coming up to my coach asking why im not playing. My coach will not allow parents to talk him about playing time. If your child has a problem with playing time you should have him talk to the coach about it.

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There was a kid on our high school team whos dad in the middle of the game came over and started yellin at the coach to let his son play, it was pretty embarassing for the kid.

You get benched for a reason, plain and simple… Whether it be performance, skill, attitude or whatever. The best way to get unbenched is to prove your self in practice and make the best of it in game.