Appreciate several sets of eyes

Please share your comments/critiques. FB 84 mph 6 feet 150 lbs. I am the one wearing the White Reebok shirt.

One thing is certain, that guy next to you should get himself a football uniform and forget pitching…
Taylor I even looked at a couple of your other vids (Front view at a Travelball tourney for example).
The angle of the camera is not great for mech analysis. I really think you should work on loosening up your arm action, it doesn’t really flow, more point to point. I’d like to see more from the 3b side or front.

I straightened out the vids so they would display on the page…hopefully we’ll get some more input.

Will video once high school season starts in Minnesota.

I agree that another angle would be helpful. I’d really like to help once that other video gets up. Adding some lean mass would be helpful. I know people are going to say Pedro and Lincecum are slight guys. I get it. But they’re really the exception and most pitchers at the big league level are well over 150 pounds. A lot of scouts argue that it’s needed to sustain a long season.

Make sure we can see your feet in your next video. There are checkpoints at foot contact but we need to be able to see when foot contact occurs.

The one thing I’d want to take another look at is your glove arm. It’s hard to tell from the camera angle but it looks like you never really get it extended out front. Rather, you keep it close to your body. That can make your glove side too quick leading to earlier shoulder rotation. It could be that improving the glove side may improve what JD’s seeing with your throwing arm.

Latest video:

is FGCU actively recruiting you?

In junior year won’t turn 17 til august. I just want to play somwhere warm and against the best. FGCU has very nice RPI.

Any comments, concerns, issues?

Dad and Taylor