Apple Ball

Okay so, I don’t know if you guys have heard of this pitch but, it is a variation of the splitter that I throw. I don’t really have a video of it but, here’s the explanation.

Grip: (for righties) index outside the left seam (it is 2 seam) ring finger outside the right seam, stick the middle finger well, in the middle.

Mechanics: Throw like your fastball at a 3/4, 5/8 or over the top, as you release let it slide out the outside but, press down hard with the middle finger.

When executed correctly it has an insane sinking action to it just like a splitter, this grip has been easy to get used to, alot easier than the normal splitter.

thats a way that you could throw a 2-seam fastball i might try it. In practice I have never heard of a 2-seam getting held like that.

It’s actually held on the wide parts of the seam not the in close ones so it is more of a splitter.

isn’t that a 3-seam fastball?

I guess you could call it that but, really it’s a variation of a splitter.