16 years and what does Uncle Roy have to apologize for?

Well he is a man of great dignity and fierce competitive spirit…I think he was really apologizing to himself (Can you imagine that a guy like Maddux won over a hundred and fifty games more :shock:)

His work outs are/were legendary…his story reads like…well a story…I don’t think another pitcher will reach the 65 CG mark…his arm/shoulder took 16 years to injure…2700 innings+…

just to take in the grandeur of what this all time great has accomplished…

and he apologized for it…as the Crash Test Dummies put it…"and sometimes I despair the world will ever see another man like him… "

What a class act.

Philly is a tough place to play when you are not playing well. Halladay being a stand up guy, is just reaching out to the fans of Philadelphia who were disappointed in the fact that he pitched knowing that he was not effective due to injury. He is making 20 million this year and he finds himself in no position to help his team win.

Someone in another post asked me to defend Bob Feller as my choice for greatest RHP of all time. Another part of that is what you see here with Halladay. Feller once told the Indians that he felt he deserved a cut in salary due to his poor performance. And they did.

Halladay deserves to come back and have a few more good seasons. Philadelphia fans can be a tough crowd. But they have to admire this guy for his honesty and his sensitivity.

Class act indeed.

Hope it goes well for him.

The only thing Halladay has to apologize for is the environmental impact of breaking so many bats with his sinker/cutter combination throughout this many years in professional baseball.

Roy, say hello to Mariano Rivera! I’m surprised that batters all over the AL haven’t sent him bills for all the bats he’s broken in all the years he’s been pitching. What is more, I’m convinced that Mo gets a percentage from the Louisville Slugger folks for all the bats they’ve had to replace.
Nothing to apologize about. As long as pitchers use the cutter, whether by itself or in combination with another pitch, this will happen. :lol: