Anything with creatine

does anyone know what u can put in creatine to make it taste better

get the unflavored kind.

Yeah, if your getting pure creatine monohydrate it should be tasteless.

I generally add it to my Post workout shake. Or just drink it in water or grape juice.

Don’t mix it in citris juices (orange) as it will break down the creatine befor eyou ever even put it in your body.

wuld lemonade be ok

Lemon = citrus.

what about milk

milk is okay, but go skim or low/no fat. what type of creatine are you using?

monohydrate creatine

do you drink a post workout or pre-workout shake? Just mix it in if the flavors are they same. Maybe you could think about buying creatine in the pill form. it’s easy to just take some pills.

im just taking creatine could i take it with fruit or anything

yeah… apples or bananas mixed up for a smoothie or both.