can anyone tell me about division 3 baseball?

No scholarship money. :lol:

Anything in particular you are curious about? In general, if you are going to play D3 baseball, I would recommend picking a school that you like in case baseball doesn’t work out. Don’t base your decision just on depth chart and baseball opportunity.

My experience was filled with plenty of van rides to games and long weekends. Even at the D3 level, the season is a grind and a big commitment. Plenty of fun as well, of course.

I love the school. I’ve committed to North Carolina Wesleyan and will be majoring in accounting and minoring in business administration.

Just wanted to know any advice on how to be more successful.

Being successful at the D3 level is no different than any other level.

Keep the ball down, make your pitches, and try to stay healthy.

Among other things.

So what kind of velocity do you have now?

isn’t business admin fancy talk for secretary?

Ive heard from more then one person Division III baseball programs are often better then Division II obviously not the lower tier Division III programs but the best of the best is comparable to Division II anyday.

I chose a division III school for a couple reasons 1. the campus and program is amazing 2. When i walk on the campus as a freshman i will be 17 not 18 until october so im still a year behind most college freshmen developmental wise so going to a Division III School where i can get innings and compete will be more beneficial then riding a bench at Division I.

Division III schools may not offer as many perks as the bigger schools except my school has quite a bit sponsored by nike which is rare for Division III schools. Im looking at it like i have a lot of room to grow and potential now i know im getting a solid education and if baseball pans out it does if not it doesnt.