Anyone wants to break down my mechanics?

Hello there !
Would anyone want to break down my mechanics ?
I’m a 18 year old pitcher, and I’d like some feedback.
If it is total rubbish aswell, please tell me :slight_smile:
Other tips/feedback is welcome aswell.
I will post more video’s either tomorrow or the day after.

This is the video:

not using your lower half very well… your quite slow (no explosiveness) into foot plant and that causes you to throw all arm

il let someone else elaborate on this… im not a very good explainer :x

posture is something my pitching coach preaches

your posture is not where it should be. You somewhat hunch over beginning before you even start your windup your shoulders are hunched over and it seems this is the case as well in the balance position, where your back should be straight up. Staying straight up keeps you in that straight in that alley directly to the plate and keeps your whole body going straight towards the plate and not taking away from your velocity.

it looks like u need to make ur landing leg firmer… take a look at many professional pitchers they all do this!

Thanks for your guys replies, I apreciate it.
So are the mechanics really bad ? Or just a few tweaks needed ?
I will work on:

  • Explosiveness
  • Posture (I know about the shoulders and not staying straight up, sometimes when i’m walking im not walking straight up either, will work on it).

What do you mean exaclty with making the landing leg firmer?

More advice is always welcome.

pause your video at 4 seconds

your leg is bent, at this point in your delivery you should be straightening that front leg and pushing it back into your hip to push all the momentum back into your core

Anything about my shoulders ?

Or anything I’m doing right which shouldn’t get changed ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Another question how can I determine how hard I throw without a radar gun ? Or is there no way :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the formula: get a good stopwatch and time you pitch from the time it leave your hand to when it hits the mit. Take that time and divide it into the distance of the mound to plate and then times it by 0.6818 and that is your miles per hour. See below. Good luck.

The complete process starts with establishing a Rate Factor.

convert miles per HOUR into miles per SECONDS:
60 minutes in an hour times 60 seconds = 3600 seconds
feet per mile = 5280 feet per mile
3600/5280 = 0.6818
the distance from mound to the plate – 60.5’
now take a stopwatch and time the pitch,
oh say …… 0.48 seconds
now calculate:
60.5’/0.48 = 126.04
126.04 X 0.6818 = 86MPH (rounded off)

Yea… standign up straight makes you look more confident and that applies to everything. not to mention u look taller when your standin straight and thats what the ladies like heheh… 8)