Anyone want to learn how to throw the forkball?

i am your man throw some questions i’ll answer them. my forkball is my only offspeed pitch. i throw forkball 75 mph and fastball 90mph.

How do you throw ur forkball?

i bet this guy throws a forkball :roll: haha.

seriously though just tell us and maybe you’ll get over it or something. i can show you how to throw a curveball so you can switch your name to curveballer or something.

[quote=“4pie”]i bet this guy throws a forkball :roll: haha.

seriously though just tell us and maybe you’ll get over it or something. i can show you how to throw a curveball so you can switch your name to curveballer or something.[/quote]

Or I could teach you a knuckleball and after the 6 years it takes you to get it consistantly moving around about 80% of the time you can call yourself Knuckleballer (say why don’t I have that name?).

on good days my forkball will have knuckleball movement without even trying. so i dotn need a knuckleball. a curveball isnt something i need becauise my furkball can get that type of movement too. basically to throw my forkball you have to make the part that look like this = face ou and you spread your fingers in there you tuck the index finger and let the middle finger long. now what you wanna do is never move your hand from that position even after release. never extend your fingers like throwing a fastball. my forkball goes about 75 mph and i can get sick movement out of it. i throw that and a 4-seam fastball with basically no movement around 90 mph. im unhitabble. and i cant get over it 4pie since its my best pitch to locate even my fastball isnt quite as great. you said you were basically a fastball change up pitcher and that you throw change ups more often then fastyballs right? i mean if you have great movement like a forkball or something then i would understand that but a change up isnt moving a lot batters will just rocket you when youll get in higher levels. believe me you cant setup a fastball with a change up there is not enough movement on it. try learning what i just told you all. fastball forkball is better then fastball change up because more movement.

Hey man I was just joking with you, I already know that forkballs can be very similar to knuckleballs, I have the knucklebook so I know pretty much everything about knuckleballs and knuckleball relatives. I’ve tried a forkball, it’s not consistant but about 60% of the time I can get some good drop and movement on it. I throw a knuckleball already so I have the habit of not changing my hand position, unless I’m trying to get a courkscrew knuckleball (still haven’t quite gotten that down yet).

Because Pustulio rolls off the tongue so well? :lol:

See you in the big leagues

hey dude i throw a forkball too, but the way i throw it its kinda like a splitter but i spread my finger further apart though, is this the corect way.

I could use another pitch but I didn’t quite understand your description of to throw it. Got any pics or sumthing?

here’s a quick video.

i was actusally going to make an explanatiyon video but my cam kept stopping because of low battries. so i just shown the grip and a little bit of release. what you wanna do is exactly what i was doing, think about getting top spin on the ball by flicking your wrist forward. uyou will probably end up getting too much top spin but then you understood how it should be thrown now what you wanna do is reduce top spin by adjusting our flick so that it comes out of your end with maybe 2 or 3 revolutions to home plate. knuckling action and hard dive will occure. it’s a long pich to learn but when you get it you can do like me and throw it like 70 percent of the time. im just a knuckleballer using a different grip.

Looks unhittable

Thanks I hope I can throw it that was helpful.

be careful with it though, it is not dangerous for arm injuries but if you start to throw it too often and too hasrd at first you might hurt your fingers. you have to keep going at it with a progression. throw it light toss from 40 feet for a couple days before starting to back up and throw harder. your fingers will stretch if you have a softball its good to try and split your finger around it while listenning tv or something helps you stretch you fingers. remember never get aggresive with the grip by trying too muvch to fork it. go at it easily

What kind of rotation should a forkball get?

ideally you dont wANt any rotation like in my good days i will barely get a full rotation on it going 75 mph. thats like a hard knuckler.but everything around 2 or 3 rotation is good also. the movement is more predictable but you will get tones of it. backward spin can only be thrown low or else its a changeup and its a hanger. with top spin you will always get movement but be careful with it. in baseball lack of rotation is great and tone of rotation is great something in between those two is really bad. so you want top spin but just a few. dont think about hey! maybe i can get hard topspin on it, curveballs are made for that.