Anyone Near Jacksonville Florida

Im a sophmore lhp throwing low to mid 70s. i need help throwing a couple backup pitches, preferrably a change up… i throw a curveball but i dont think im throwing it right… anyone know of a good coach that gives lessons in jacksonville? i desperatly need to improve before next season because i have to make varsity…


Yes, former Chicago Cub catcher Rick Wilkins is who my son uses.
You can see what he has to offer at, he is not only a premier pitching coach (He’s caught Maddux, Randy Johnson, Rick Sutcliff…all Cy Young winners) but he is possibly one of the best hitting coaches out there.
Also you may want to attend one of UNF’s summer camps (Week long, usually in July…It’s great. Cam Juno attended regularly), Bob Shepherd UNF’s pitching coach is outstanding and has taught my son how to throw a slider that has little arm effect (UNF wants their pitchers to have both a curve and a slider) and also showed him how to throw a sinker
Your head coach as you and I both know has history with The Bolles School, you may want to look into their summer camp.
Good Luck, work hard!

yeah ill check it out!

The Unf Camps are great! I did that two years ago and i did a JU Camp as well.

Thanks a lot!