Anyone know the body fat % of some current MLB pitchers


I’ve recently got down to about 9.5%-10 bf at 6’3 185 lbs. My strength is really peaking in the weight room, but I know with more mass I can really turn things up.

It got me wondering what the body fat % of some of my favorites like Aroldis Chapman, Harvey, Wainwright, and Kershaw are all at in season? I don’t think there is a official way to tell unless your there strength coaches but If you could guess a rough estimate?


Pitchers should be > 12%. You’re good where you are from a BF%. The key is can you continue to gain weight/ add mass and stay under 12%? You really should be 215-225 in my opinion.


Ya my goal is the 220 mark. I’ve climbed pretty high so far, but gaining pure muscle mass takes a bit of time my strength coach has told me. I could just bulk up but trying to keep it pretty lean and flexible.


In my experience, you can add about 3-4 pounds of lean mass per month by boosting daily calories by 500. I find calorie/meal tracking apps super helpful not to overdo it, but also make sure you’re staying balanced and getting enough calories.


Ya I’m putting enough into the gym with your TuffCuff Phase 3 and 4, so I think I just need to eat a ton more food.