Anyone here an umpire?


So I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be an umpire out on the field. Umpires call strikes, balls, outs, fouls, they even get to throw players out (pretty sure that’s not any fun :confused:). So anyone can any tell me how to do this awesome job on the field? Or even share some of your past experiences with being an umpire.


Paging CoachPaul…


It’s magic when it’s good and way bad when things go bad. If you can take some unreasonable schmoo in your face even if you know you are in the right, if you can tone out the peanut gallery who are very brave behind your back and fence…and you can just focus on helping kids and being an invisible portion of a game, you’ll do well, if on the other hand it causes you stress to be yelled at (No it does not happen every game but when it does it can be very intense) or deal with pretentious primma donna coaches who are certain they are Casey Stengal, then perhaps coaching may be a better alternative if you want to be “in the game”. It does take a particular personality to ump, you have to know the rules better than most and believe me, you’ll be challenged by some “smart guy” who “thinks” he has more knowledge in the game and if you are wrong??? Look out…it’s going to get ugly…you can find great umping associations who will mentor you in and in reputable ones they generally pair inexperienced with experienced so the inexperienced don’t get run over…it is ok extra money but if you are looking for money…it’s not the place to look when you compare the dedication and difficulties needed to keep it on-going. Truely, I would say umping is a calling.


Talk to someone who is on your town baseball board of directors. Find out who the Chief of Umpires is for that league. Get in touch with that person and find out what Umpire board he belongs to. Most boards are looking for new recruits and will hold training classes over the winter.

You take your exam in the spring, pay your membership dues, register with the assignor and you are working games. You may not get many to start with, but the more you get, the better you get. The better you get, the more you get.

If you have flexibility in your primary job, you can make some good money 7 or more months out of the year. Most of the games pay between 65 and 120 per umpire per game for players in the 13-19 year old range.

It’s not easy. If you have a situation that comes up and it goes awry, you can ask a fellow umpire for help. If you don’t need your answer in a hurry, I can probably point you in the right direction on rules and interpretation.