Anyone have a roundabout idea of my velocity?

You don’t need one of those expensive radar guns. Get a good catcher—you need one—and a good pitching coach with a good stopwatch—and have him time you for several minutes. I remember one time when I was warming up prior to starting a game, and I wound up and happened to throw a pitch that was a good deal faster than my usual stuff. I used it in a game, and the batters couldn’t do any more with it than with the rest of my arsenal. I happened to mention this to my pitching coach, and he went and got a catcher’s mitt and a stopwatch and had me throw the thing nine or ten times because he wanted to time it. Much to my surprise, he informed me that I had a fastball—a good four-seamer with a lot of movement on it, and at 82 MPH—for a snakejazzer like me, this WAS a fastball.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re pushing, or even breaking, 90 MPH. And the guy you’re pitching to doesn’t even know how to hold a bat, let alone swing at one of your pitches! :slight_smile:

26 mph, there’s a number for you.

Deff not 90+ maybe high 70s low 80s it looks like.

Impossible to tell from that angle, with a net, AND on video.

Video is terrible through the net. Looking at your other videos I’d say low to mid 80s.

id say about high 70’s and maybe touching 80

Maybe touching 80? Ha, shows that some of you guys don’t really know what you’re talking about. I threw 82 into a Stalker gun when I was 14…and that was over 3 years ago! After a couple arm injuries though, I wouldn’t be surprised if was sitting low 80’s still. I’m pretty sure I’m above 80 most of the time though, not “touching” it. Just saying.

I didn’t mean to come off sounding like a jerk when I typed that. Sorry about that guys :oops:

Well ya did come across like a jerk so…haha well you asked us to guess and we did. If your not happy with what someone wrote, you kind of brought it upon yourself.

Sounds like you know your velocity and have it all figured out. Why do you need our help?