Anyone from Nebraska?

I was just wondering if anyone here currently plays baseball in the Lincoln, Nebraska area? I should be moving down there after I graduate to play legion ball there next summer.

I use to play baseball in Nebraska, now I live and Coach here. What did you need?

this will be your senior summer season?

Two things, most Highschools legions teams are the kids that played on the Highschool teams during the school season. you graduated right?. I know some coaches, that I could talk to. When are you coming here?

Second move, would be to play for the College summer league they have here it’s a wood bat league very competive. I also know some buddy’s that are still playing in this league that I have played against or with along with knowing the coaches. There has been a few kids that have skipped there Summer high school season and played in this league to get them ready for college ball.

let me know if you need some help.