Anyone ever hit someone...on purpose?

Maybe the guy was showing you off after a big hit, or you were just protecting your own hitters - just wanted to know what some of your own reasons were.[/u]

never. A kid that played on our team last year was the biggest plug in the world. We were winning the championship game 5-0. He came in an allowed around 9 runs in 1 inning. Seriously a fucking joke.

It was his fault. I think he had about 5 hit batters, 4 walks, and a shit load of base hits. 100 percent his fault.

Anyways you may ask why we never pulled him. Well it was a 6 game championship tournament, and we were totally out of pitchers, seriously.

The funny thing is that this kid all year thought he was our best pitcher by far, he is cocky, rude, arragont, and sucks all around.
Its hilarious really

Anyways we played a game against him this year, he was on the other team, and i was pitching to him.

Nope never hit him. Guess what though. Struck his ass out lol.

I think striking a dick player out is way better than giving him a free base.

just my opinion

I beleive that striking out the big jerk on the other team feels 20 times better than plunking him. Plunking people is almost an excuse for the pitcher or like you are doubting yourself that you can strike him out.

Yeah, the other pitcher hit 5 kids on our team and gave our best player a concussion… Outcome wasn’t good.

Once because the opposing pitcher hit our first baseman in the head and a kid elbowed him in the head when he was playing first.

I have seen many bench-clearing “base brawls” in the major leagues that resulted from a pitcher who should have known better deliberately hitting an opposing batter. One such incident that comes to mind occurred during a game between the Yankees and the Orioles a few years ago, where one Yankee belted a homer and the next one was hit—hard—by a fast ball from Armando Benitez. Immediately the benches were cleared and a riot ensued on the field. The players on both teams were going at it hammer and tongs, and Benitez could be seen running for his life with the entire Yankee team in hot pursuit wanting to kill him. He managed to escape into the dugout—and later, after peace (?) had been restored the next Yankee batter hit a home run.
So, pitchers, be warned. A brushback is okay. A knockdown is okay. If you accidentally hit a batter in the ribs—well, it’s not so bad. But to go after the guy with the intention of beaning him—that will only result in your getting thrown out of the game, fined, maybe even suspended. As Hamlet said to the players whom he was instructing in how to reconstruct a crime scene: Pray you, avoid it. 8)

Maybe CC Sabathia didnt think he could strike out Nick Markakis? I’d have to say, WRONG!! Drilling another player intentionally is as much a part of baseball as throwing strikes. To not believe that is naive. Ask Steve or any other player who played major league or high level pro ball. Protecting your players is an unwritten rule. Keep it below the shoulders and it’s considered clean baseball.

My son has been known to plunk that super cocky, arm shaved, two sweat band, batting gloves in back pocket types and then pick them off…he loves it most when they are in the 3rd base dugout and have to walk back close to the mound…it’s gold…and serves as a major de-motivator…and I have seen him do it at least 7-8 times in his HS and college experience.

I’ve never done it, and I cna’t stand when people do it to other people.

When I see anyone do it all I 'm thinking is “Grow Up” it is a childish move and shows that the pitcher is a sore loser. Roy Halladay, when he gives up a hit he pounds his glove and strikes out the next batter.

Cliff Lee does the same thing.

But pitchers who do it, get ejected, all over a childish move.

It’s a wuss move and if you want to act like a child on the mound than go ahead and do it.

I pitched far inside on purpose, but I have never plunked a kid intentionally. I was trying to brush one off the plate, cause he was crowding, and accidentally hit him, but that is the closest to intentional pegging I’ve done

even if i wanted to, my fastball isnt fast enough to hit anyone with any respectable reflex haha.


It’s a wuss move and if you want to act like a child on the mound than go ahead and do it. [/quote]

I dont really think it’s a wuss move, when one of your batters is plunked you hit one of their players, there are also rules of who you hit as well, it was on baseball tonite. But it’s in defense of your player, keep it below the shoulders and I see no problem.

It’s childish…basically when you hit a batter your saying “I don’t like something that your team did and I’m gonna be a bad sport about it and hit you with a pitch even though you had nothing to do with it”.

that is because you are an individualist, you should see the guys as a team, whena pitcher intentionally throws to the hitter he threw it at the whole team, you should see it as if the pitcher threw the ball straight into your dugout trying to intimidate you, saying “see what happens when you guys do too good on me?”. when you as a pitcher respond by plunking the next batter you face you say “who’s scared now? i can hurt you guys intentionally too”

and thats usually when theres an argument with the batter and pitcher

an other time when hitting a batter is pretty much ok, is when the batter is all over the plate trying to make you pitch outside because of fear of hitting him. the pitcher throws straight at him saying “this is where i want to pitch, get out of the way if you dont want to get hit.”

beanballs are really essential to the game to keep the game fair.

He will feel different when he hits varsity and college, his team mates will make sure of it…Idealism of youth will run headlong into the reality of “fer real” competition.

A couple of years ago we played a team at 10U that couldn’t hit our pitcher, so they bunted…and bunted…and bunted. One of the parents who also coached said the next batter or two that squares around ought to be beaned. Given how really old it had gotten I admit I had to agree.

I repeated that at another forum a while back and wow, what a shi@ storm it caused. I have to say I just don’t see the issue. Can a kid get hurt, like the concussion mentioned earlier, sure. Does it happen often, no. Of all the things that can happen to my son getting hit by a pitch just doesn’t bother me.

So I gotta ask…when I watch football, lacrosse, wrestling, boxing, ect…is baseball a sport for wusses that we (my son and I) accidentally wondered into?

Batter totally crowds my plate I throw one inside…really tight, if he comes back in the same place I’ll go and get him, sends a message to get off my plate, the whole team usually backs off the plate and then I get lots of space to work with.

You’ll like what you see when people start playing for things like honor, and the team…and really mean it…(What I mean is that when a kid is in that situation…it isn’t given a second thought)…with your boy being physically and mentally beyond his age group, parents think it’s “unfair” to raise a welt or cause a bruise.

I think of it as this…
real life…guys plunk folks for reasons, they don’t do it every pitch, they do it when necessary…just like that big ugly hook he breaks out “just to keep em honest”. yes it does have elements where someone can get hurt…thats the point…baseballs version of M.A.D. (Nuke my best and yours it gonna wear it too).
It will go away when those “politically correct” meddlers…decide that it’s “wrong”…and baseball will cease to be baseball…
So what you wandered into Some…was an opportunity to honor the sport and keep it right…I’ve taken your measure and don’t believe you or your kid will be backing away from doing it right.

Son’s team hit a kid on purpose earlier this year. The kid was playing third base and faked a catch/tag as our runner came into third. Third base coach hadn’t signaled for our runner to slide…but he did, awkwardly, when he saw the third baseman start the “tag.” To make matters worse, the tag was applied to the head…hard.

The third baseman was up the next inning and he got a fastball in the lower part of the back. He glared at the pitcher, but dropped the bat and went to first. Their coach knew it was on purpose, we knew it was on purpose, and I’m pretty sure the home plate ump knew it to. But, when their coach came out to complain the ump just pointed him back to his dugout.

I’m also pretty sure my kid got hit on purpose this year too. He was pitching and having some control issues. Basically, he has to almost throw his breaking pitch at the batter to get it to break over the plate. That day it wasn’t breaking and he hit at least 3 batters over a 5 inning period. But, after a rough first inning, he was still being effective even with the hit batters.

The first pitch when he came to bat after hitting the third kid was a hard fastball right in the back. Can I prove it was on purpose? No. But I, and my son, are positive it was just based on the way the opposing pitcher, catcher, fielders and coaches reacted afterwards. They knew what was going to happen.

Was I p.o.ed? Sure. My son’s only problem was that he hit them with breaking pitches while they smacked him with a fastball. But, neither of us took it personally and we both know that sometimes it’s just part of the game.

Read Jason Turbow’s book, “The Baseball Codes: Beanballs, Sign Stealing, and Bench-Clearing Brawls: The Unwritten Rules of America’s Pastime.” it has some great information and is a fun, easy read. I really enjoyed it.