Anyone ever hear of the fosh change?

I was reading about it on wikipedia, I know not the most reliable website, but it said it was kind of a rare pitch and was like an off speed splitter. So if you guys know anything else please tell me, or if you know how to throw it.

Yeah, I’ve heard of it, and I can see why it isn’t used much. It’s a variation of the circle change, and it behaves like an offspeed splitter, but the grip is an awkward one. You’re probably better off with a regular circle change, unless you have a King Kong-sized paw. Steven Ellis describes and illustrates it in his E-book on pitching grips—you can download it and check on page 27 or thereabouts. 8)

Look at what the FOSH changeup stands for, that says enough… lol

Oh I know what it stands for lol!

A palm ball is a four-finder changeup. It’s usually thrown from deeper in the palm, hence its name, and tends to break down.

A fosh change is a hybrid pitch that was originally based off the forkball (similar to a splitter, but held deeper in hand). It also breaks downwards, but also breaks back a bit, like a screwball.

In brief, a palm ball is thrown with all four fingers, while a fosh change is thrown more like a splitter. The result is a fosh change will break back some.

I throw the fosh as my change up, good strikeout pitch. I can cut it as well when i throw to leftys (I’m LH). Its like a split finger fastball but i have my pinky, ring, and middle finger all touching on the side of the ball.

So can anyone tell me how to throw it and what it does?

Basically, you take a splitter grip
and hold the ball deeper in your hand. This slows the ball down.
The splitter grip part of it causes it to break downward and back a bit
(sort of like a screwball, splitter, change-up mix).
You can move your fingers around to find the grip that’s
most comfortable for you.
Practice different grips before deciding exactly how you want to throw it.

Alright, thanks CardsWin