Anyone else

Hate it when other people touch and put they’re hand in your glove? I cant stand when people do this its like they’re messing up a part of me. Before a game the other day these two girls were playing catch with both my gloves before the game while i was getting some swings in and if they weren’t girls… haha but anyway, who else is like this with their glove?

Were they hot? 8)

I am the same way. I hate it when kids put their hand in there and start throwing a ball into it.

Somewhat, unfortunately they both have boyfriends on the team so I don’t think thats gonna work for me till after the season :?

I hear yeah. It just wrecks the form of the inside of the glove because each hand in unique. And If someone else has a different hand, obviously, it ruins it.

It doesn’t bother me much as long as they don’t use it long enough to change the shape.

Usually tho as soon as someone tries my glove on they want to use another one because of the way I wear it. (Pinky and ring in pinky slot, middle in ring finger slot and index out)