Anyone care to?

Anyone care to make me a workout. My workout just stinks. I would like to work more on the core and legs. Thanks you can just post it here most likely I’ll have lots of question about it but thanks anyways.

Few things first…
Age, height, weight, previous experience with strength training (if any), and goals.

15,5-10,145,no previous experiance, not look so scrawney :lol:

Okay, one other thing - do you have access to any equipment? (dumbbells, barbells, med ball, swiss ball, pullup bar, etc.)

Just a basic rundown:
For the first couple weeks I’d say that you should stick with bodyweight circuits just to let yourself get acclimated. Bodyweight squats, pushups, dips, inverted rows (

), pullups, burpees, and a few other exercises will allow you to get used to the work without too much resistance.

Since the season is rapidly approaching, it would be good to go with a concurrent/ conjugate training schedule. This means that you will be training strength, power, speed, and endurance qualities throughout the training period in order to develop across the board. More equipment means more options in terms of the exercises you can do during this phase.

And since you want to add a little weight, you definitely need to get your nutrition in order. Lots of protein and good fats plus veggies and fruits should be the base of your diet.

what are burpees and dips


Bench Dips:
Normal Dips:

Try this out for your next workout and let me know how it goes…

15 Pushups
20 Bodyweight Squats
10 Burpees
10 Lunges (per leg)
10 Dips

Rest as long as you need to between exercises and try to take 2-3 minutes between circuits. Go through as many times as you are able without going to muscle fatigue.

it went pretty good I did 3 sets of every thing morning the only thing that was sore was my groin muscles

You need to hit up that thigh master.

Alright, that sounds good. A little soreness is normal for working the muscles in a new way, the main thing is just to avoid putting too much stress on the tendons before they can adjust to the tension and grow stronger.

Stay with this type of circuit format for the next three weeks, making small changes to the exercise selection. 3-4 times a week, at least 36 hours between each session. Update any progress and I’ll try to give you some feedback.

a really good arm workout that people starting off can do is the ASMI Throwers 10. Its very basic but pretty much covers the main points of the arm without putting much stress on joints and tendons