Anyone been to a DeMarini Top 96 Showcase?

Has anyone been to any DeMarini Top 96 showcases? I was invited to go to one in Orlando, one in Tampa, and one in Bocca Raton this coming summer.

I was just wondering whether or not it would be worth the money to attend.

I went to one a couple of months ago back when it was still the TPX camp, they changed sponsors. I’ll just be honest with you and tell you it’s not worth the money. If you do go don’t buy the videos because that is a huge rip off. Most of the coaches who attend have nothing to do with recruiting at their schools anyways so it’s really not even a good way to get exposure.

:o Oh Okay, I was wondering if it was the same thing as the TPX Top 96.

I went to the first Top 96 showcase, back in 1996! lol. There were 30 college coaches there, mostly regional, though. Thought it was an OK experience. Anyone else have any experience with it and can provide some different insight?

Yea i looked on last years attendees and it was mostly the florida DIIs. And about the same were signed up for this year.
But that’s not bad for me, that’s who i’m kinda targeting right now.

In some respects, it never hurts to showcase your stuff in front of any coach, no matter what level, etc. But you also have to take into consideration the time and money expense. I don’t think the Top 96’s are too expensive. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) And if you stay away from all the “add-on services” that cost a lot more, it may be worth your while!

The camp on its own isn’t too bad, but the video stuff is a fraud if you ask me.

The cost of the showcases are each $395. And I think that if I register this month I get like a $75 or something.

And yea, I probably wouldn;t do the video stuff

I went to one in Elgin, IL this past summer and I honestly didn’t get that much out of it that my own pitching coach couldn’t tell me…

It was insanely expensive, (pretty sure it was 495 without the video) and I would indeed stay away from the video…

The games on the second day were pretty much the only exposure outside of bunting and tossing 15 feet that anyone got…

The guy throwing BP was like 60 and got tired after the first six hitters… thus no one after that really got anything worthwhile to hit (I was in the first six hitters, btw)

I wouldn’t say it was anything special, I don’t remember but I don’t think we even did 60 yard times.

I liked the Chicago Public League showcase much better.