Anybody pitch in MABL, MSBL or other Men's Senior Leagues?

If so, where do you play? State? Team?

Kansas City MSBL 25+ Team is the Kansas City Indians.


Kansas City MSBL

For The Lees Summit Shockers

Columbus Ohio MABL 18+

Central Ohio Wildcats

Do you guys (or guys on your teams) get and read Hardball Magazine, published by MSBL National?

We used to have a great league in Pontiac, MI with a beautiful facility (Jaycee Park). I worked there as a kid and played after I graduated from high school. It was a great league! I think at one time we had about 20 teams in the league with 3 divisions. Unfortunately, the level of play and field conditions have fallen dramatically. It’s just a shame…

Suth, did it decline due to a lack of funding or commitment from the players?

Actually is was because of the City of Pontiac itself. They own the property that the ball fields sit on and pretty much stopped taking care of them. I am sure budget restraints had something to do with it but they had plenty of people willing to donate time and money and simply let the place die! It really is a shame.

I have played in the MSBL since 2004 and still have every issue of Hardball since then.

Yea we get the Hardball issues, but I never really read them, just skim over them real quick

i play in msbl in houston tx.
ive played in the world series for the past 4 years
loved every minuts of it.
in 2004 i pitched 37 innings that week,i will never do that again
i still play in houston,i just found this site,i need some help with my timing
my arm and legs are out of sink,and i dont want to pay 150 per hour from
a trainer to figuer it out

I play in the NABA in Ventura Calif. Ventura Dodgers.

I’m 53 and play in an adult league here in Germany. As usual, pitching
is hard to find…

[quote=“FarmYard”]I’m 53 and play in an adult league here in Germany. As usual, pitching
is hard to find…[/quote]

Welcome, FarmYard. Where abouts are you in Germany? I’ll be in Munich at the end of July.

I live just outside of Munich! If you have time, get in touch with me,
and we could visit one of Biergärten around the area.

I’m originally from Indiana and have been here for 21 years, now.

I’ve pitched in the MSBL here in Phoenix for years, 25+. I currently play for the Zona Knights, am 41, and have pitched since I was 9. New to this web site but enjoy it alot. Have some questions to post but not sure this is the correct forum.

Welcome Jon! I do hope you’ll post some of your questions. When does your season begin?

Just saw the thread and thought I would chime in. I just started throwing again. I have been away from the game for about 10 years. I play in Dallas MSBL in the 25+ league. I am trying to get my arm strength back. I am fat and old and I still throw hard. I am looking forward to pitching once my balance and strength come back. It is hard to find someone on the same program to throw, stretch, and work out with.

MSBL 38+ Indianapolis Indiana.

I hadn’t pitched since college 20 years previous. It was nice to see that I still had a live fastball, but man oh man, recovery now is much longer!

David Guest

I play in the 35+ MABL in Houston Texas. I play for the 35+ Cardinals.

I turn 40 this summer and this spring season 2009 was my first year to play since high school.

I could throw strikes so they put my on the mound.

I am trying to improve my game and based on the other guys in the league, I figure I have 20 years of baseball left. Our team has faced 60 year old men throwing complete games.